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The CAFET-INNOVA Technical Society (CITS) is an International non-profit organization helping the scientific community, laid its foundation in 2007 by three young, sparking and dynamic engineers Hafeez Basha, Raju Aedla and Nikhil Prakash. This is headquartered in Hyderabad, India and is registered under the AP Societies Registration Act, 2001.

Aim & Objective: To encourage the young talent especially students towards the field of Research and Development (R&D) and harness their intellectual abilities for the betterment of industry.

Activities: All the student developmental activities like symposiums, conferences, workshops, guest lectures by eminent scientists and academicians will be organized by the society. The students gain the opportunity to exhibit their talent in the form of creativity and can come up with innovative ideas through paper presentations in proceedings and journals. It has a publication unit through which journals, magazines, etc. are published. It also provides an opportunity for enthusiastic students in publishing their books.

Nation wide surveys which help the scientific community are a part of this society. We are a team of 50+ talented and smart individuals who have a passion for helping the scientific community using technological and managerial skills to achieve its goals. Also, who believe that motivating the student community towards the field of research & development is helping the scientific community.

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