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    Dr. S. D. Siva subramaniam

    Chief Editor
    Nottingham Trent University
    Nottingham, United Kingdom 

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    The International Journal of Biological Sciences and Engineering (IJBE) is an international forum providing up to the minute information on all scientific and clinical investigations together with their applications. The journal includes full length and mini reviews, original articles, book reviews, announcements and scientific reports to the editor. The journal hopes to attract the most important and highly innovative papers from the current research from academia, research communities, most importantly from young investigators and students. IJBE features scholarly articles in rapidly moving Biosciences related research areas like Botany, Zoology, Agriculture, Ethno botany, Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry, Bio-Chemical Engineering, Medical Electronics, Medical Instrumentation, Bio-Informatics, Pharmacology, Pharma Chem, Pharma Bio, Placentology, Physiology, Clinical Trials, Crop Research, Agricultural Ornithology and Organismal sciences, which will be published subject to acceptability after referee and editorial assessment. Professors / Academicians / Scientists / Researchers / Engineers / Scholars / Students can send their papers directly to:

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    Dr. S. D. Siva subramaniam

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    ICEE 2016

    3rd International Conference on Earth Sciences and Engineering (ICEE 2016), 17th-18th June, 2016 at NIT Coimbatore, TamilNadu, India